Player Agents (Football)


We market and promote emerging football figures, negotiate their contracts, handle their endorsement deals, manage their image library, manage their finances, identify and recruit new talent and oversee public relations.

Negotiating Contracts

Our biggest role is to act as a representative for an emerging footballer when negotiating a new contract, contract extensions, or endorsement signings. We review market trends and the latest contract signings, make offers/counter offers, and explain contract details to players while keeping the footballer’s best interests in focus.

Overseeing Player Marketing and Promotional Strategies

We manage the marketing and promotion of our players. We supply media outlets with positive behaviours exhibited by our players and maintain damage control when any negative actions are displayed by contracted players.

Assessing New Talent

We are often involved in assessing new talent by viewing games and contacting footballers seeking representation.

Managing Finances

Contract Negotiator

  • This is the responsibility that first comes to mind when most people think of agents. An athlete’s playing days are numbered. For instance, the average career of an (exceptional) FIFA footballer is roughly 10-13 years. That means that the athlete has only a small window of opportunity when it comes to financial gain and it’s up to us to negotiate the best deal possible. If our athlete has high name recognition, we also seek commercial endorsements or opportunities with broadcasters, television or film producers, record labels or wherever else off-season or post-career revenue might be found.

Legal Muscle

  • The cliché is that professional athletes are constantly in trouble with the law. While the truth is that the vast majority are law-abiding citizens, those who do get caught up in late-night fights, civil lawsuits or other legal or financial entanglements are likely to place their first phone call to their agent. There’s no requirement for a sports agent to be a lawyer, but many have passed the bar or have attorneys on staff. Our 25+ years of expertise is in business, business law, marketing, issues management and communications; a unique skillset that is of value to the athlete playing defence.

In some cases, we offer advice for players making investments or purchases. We help to ensure that our clients are building assets, managing expenses, and making the proper distribution of income for payments, savings, and investments.

Managing Images & PR

PR is one of our key areas of focus. This is because revenue loss is inevitable when players have erred or are entangled in controversy. Brands care about their reputations and will distance themselves from poor behaviour. Everyone loses out when athletes can’t secure deals because of poor PR. We help downplay controversies and draw attention to an athlete’s positive deeds.


As player advocates, we see our primary responsibility as protecting the welfare of our clients and preparing them financially and emotionally for a long period of retirement. This is particularly important since many pro footballers sign their first contract while still in their teens and have little life experience and a sudden infusion of cash. Our contributions can include instilling good money management habits and steering clients toward trustworthy financial managers and away from shady “investments.” An agent in a good relationship with a client can often be a parental figure who’s always ready to listen and to offer gentle guidance, and as parents, we know what’s in the best interest of the young player.


P10 2020 Emerging Talent: Max Prassopoulos, Australian National Premier League (NPL Victoria) footballer:


Our Skills

  • Time management – we have the ability to turn around contracts and complete negotiation processes in a timely manner;
  • Sports knowledge– we have a strong knowledge of football (soccer), and we draw on this knowledge when negotiating contracts and/or building relationships in the sport;
  • Negotiations – we possess the ability to make demands and concessions that are in our players’ best interests;
  • Communications– the ability to communicate through both the written and spoken word is when dealing with players, lawyers, team owners, and companies seeking endorsements;
  • Analytical – we are able to analyse contract specifics, endorsement deals, and other documents pertaining to our players’ finances;
  • Interpersonal – we possess the ability to talk to everyone from high-profile players and wealthy team owners through to state-level players and other agents;
  • Multi-tasking– we handle various players at different stages of contract negotiations and seek new player calls.


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