Business can learn a lot from Mother’s Day – that special day where we say thanks to those extraordinary women in our life. Think about how you can do the same for your clients, customers, suppliers & partners.

Without these loyal supporters, it’s much harder to run a successful business. It’s easier and less costly to retain customers than attract new ones and developing relationships with customers create brand advocates. Thanking your supporters adds a sense of personalisation and puts you ahead of big corporations which are rarely in the position to show they care. Just saying ‘thank you’ doesn’t cut it. These words alone are empty; you need to show you mean it. Here are 3 ways to thank those who help your business succeed:

“Send a handwritten note”
Even if you have a limited budget, you can still thank your customers in a meaningful way. If you have just a handful of loyal supporters, send out handwritten notes. The effort you put into this will mean much more than an email and it’s less likely to go unnoticed. Make each note personal.

“Teach them something new”
Knowledge is priceless. Consider what problems your customers have and offer solutions. The opportunities for distributing your knowledge are endless. You can send an ebook, webinar or infographic; or even invite them to an online knowledge centre.

“Add Value”
If you provide a service at different levels of quality, surprise a few of your top supporters with a value-add offering. Throw in some IP pro bono. It will resonate more than you know.

Incorporating customer appreciation into your business strategy results in your loyal supporters always knowing how much they mean to you.

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