Being a small business can sometimes feel like you’re a tiny insect in the larger, more terrifying ecosystem. Well, let’s tip this on its head and take a positive outlook.

A small business has the opportunity to be humble. Don’t immediately assume that your organisation’s skillset is enough. Learn new stuff and show clients that you’re willing to improve your skill set – at your cost – to help them with their business. This will ring louder when coming from a smaller operator.

What made you successful

As an employee in your previous life

Might not translate.

As a small operator you have the opportunity to execute, look for feedback and adapt; things that take forever in larger organisations. Remember ‘big wheels turn slowly’ so use this to your advantage. Be nimble.

Small ‘fixes’ like internal metrics for how you (individually) and others within the business are adding value to your clients is easy to implement. This has to be distinct from the total output of your team. Show your clients how and where you’re improving. Add value.

As a small business, you have the opportunity to pay particular attention to your clients’ organisational dynamics; the loudest and largest voices, or the fanciest titles might not be the most influential. Adding a personal touch to how you interact with clients makes the world of difference and highlights to them that they matter.

And finally – work smart, repeat.