A sailing crew – and your business – needs more than just quality, skilled people. You need those people in the right seats, doing the jobs they’re most suited to do.

The captain is the CEO, setting strategy, steering the boat, and calling out tactics to the team.

The crew – your managers – next in line to the CEO, are competitive and skilled. They set the pace for success.

Your deck hands are your line workers. Strong, dependable, and focused, they provide the day-to-day power driving your business’s success. They’re responsible for the boat’s set and stability, building and maintaining a strong foundation in your infrastructure and facilities.

This awareness is relevant in every aspect of your business: from hiring and training to team-building, talent development, and succession planning.

Select the right crew and set the pace for success

Understanding the qualities as well as the skills and experience needed for the various roles within your organisation provides you with the insights you need to identify the people most suited for each role.

Taking the time and effort to select the right crew means you’ll have the understanding you need to support those quality individuals in coming together to form high-performing teams committed to achieving your most challenging business goals.