Running a business, managing a team, bringing life to a new product or service or even in life… it’s like riding a wave.

Constantly adjust your position.

When either paddling out to sea or in to shore to catch a wave, your position will determine your ride.

When paddling out to sea, if you’re too far from the tip of your board a breaking wave will push the board up and you’ll lose your balance. When paddling to catch a wave, lying too close to the tip will push the board downward and you’ll lose your balance. When lying in a balanced position, with your feet near the tail of the board you’ll be able to stabilise yourself by grabbing the sides of the board when heading into a wave, and you’ll be positioned well to stand up and ride the wave if you want to catch it.

Business is all about adjusting your position, or course-correcting. If you’re not getting the ride you want, or if the waves are resisting you, adjust your position.

When a wave comes, ride it. Once you catch a wave and the ocean’s power is propelling you forward, it’s key to keep your balance and gradually stand up to ride it. This is a humbling experience – you’re being carried at high speeds on a force you cannot control, so the best option is to go with it. You adapt, surrender, follow where the wave wants to take you. Enjoy the ride. This is where we experience fear. We feel an exciting current (business opportunity) and we make a choice: ride it, try to control it, or let it pass by.

Yes, sometimes it’s scary. When this happens acknowledge the fear and choose to ride the wave… the opportunity. Because the vast majority of the time the ride is exhilarating and transformative and worth it!