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Online video is an effective form of communication and is the present-day, single most powerful marketing tool to promote your product, service or business.

We believe the power of storytelling and collaboration is the key to producing great work online.

We provide services in Directing, Producing, Writing, Video Storytelling, Animation, Camera Operation, Post Production (incl. Editing), Sound & Multimedia, Event/Corporate/Training Video Production, Online Content Creation & Syndication, Audio recording including voiceover talent, Project Management, Ideation, Scriptwriting & Strategy development.

We’re also quite experienced in animation and aerial cinematography.

2D and 3D Animation

Animation is one of the most popular visual formats. It’s a perfect tool for clearly articulating key benefits and features of a product, service or organisation without blowing your budget. It’s the perfect format for generating online traffic.

Motion Graphics

Numerous organisations across the globe are using motion graphics to showcase their ideas.  It allows you to demonstrate the functional operations and processes of a product.

Typographic Animation

A rather simple & helpful, attention-grabbing format. The technique uses animated text, presented over time to convey a concept or idea.

Drone Aerial Cinematography

Aerial drones can replace the limitations of helicopters, jibs, booms, cranes, zip lines and dollys. We engage real time HD video downlink and long distance remote follow focus capabilities allowing the director, pilot and remote aerial camera operator to maneuver, frame and capture brilliant images.

Scroll down to see how 3D animation can work in the property sector.

Online Media

Point of Difference

Script To ScreenTM proprietary process

How 3D Animation

Can Breathe Life Into

Any Campaign.

In the digital world, when integrated correctly, animation gives users a more engaging, fun experience as well as encouraging intuitive navigation around your website.

We can produce animation for TV commercials, websites, educational and training videos, product visualisation and all types of property and architectural fly-throughs.

Here’s an example of how 3D animation works in property: