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As an example, an obvious online solution for your film is to partner with YouTube and Facebook, putting videos up on their sites and participating in their ad revenue sharing program. But if you choose to only distribute through YouTube and Facebook, not only are you leaving website traffic on the table, you’re putting your fate in someone else’s hands.

In absence of a robust media strategy, the following may help you choose effective platforms:

Clip long videos. The goal of syndicated videos should be driving traffic to your site, since that is where you offer a unique brand experience.

Distribute clips and shortened versions. You can find distribution connectors to platforms like Hulu. While you may not supply content here, using distribution connectors from your video platform is a convenient way to manage marketing efforts like trailers. You can push a promotional clip to YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, and more all at the same time, track where those videos are being published, and manage all your videos from a single place. It streamlines your Marketing department’s workflow, giving them more control. You can even control social sharing tools through the player for an additional boost. Since YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the web, you want to make sure your titles, descriptions and tags are optimised for SEO.

Customise titles and metadata per host site. Choose a video distribution platform that allows you to set alternative metadata (title, description, tags) to best fit the different sites you plan to distribute content to. Every site has its own culture. Consider multiple YouTube channels.

Track Analytics. To track the incoming traffic from host sites to yours, you should use measurable short links that can be generated by services like TinyURL and Bit.ly. By using unique links for each video, you can assess which video is driving the most traffic and improve it by using similar keywords or videos.

The key to a successful syndication strategy is to re-aggregate your potential audience by spreading your content out to increase their chance of stumbling on it and then sharing it, and ultimately coming to your site to find more.